Our works.

Reopen to Summer Campaign.

Hidden Valley Resort is a beautiful Huntsville resort located in Muskoka. Dating back to 1968, this resort features a private beach and is located on the shores of the Peninsula Lake. This beautiful retreat offers a wide range of amenities such as beautiful waterfront, conference facilities and restaurant.
The goal was to help with the re-opening post COVID shutdown. Through our research and analysis, we were able to identify the target market to be families with children. We reached our target market with effective social ads, SEO ads and targeted email marketing. With our tactics and strategy, we were able to deliver an outstanding booking rate over 100% just one week after re-opening and stayed fully booked until the end of summer.      

Peel & Win Campaign.

Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea is a well-known Taiwanese tea brand with over 1400+ stores worldwide. They have taken traditional Taiwanese recipes passed down from generations to create a unique menu of handcrafted unique teas and beverages.
The goal here was to create a stronger brand presence, memorable Christmas campaign and to ensure a smoother membership process for new customers. 
We met these goals with our “Peel and win “sticker campaign to attract more customers. With this campaign, we offered prizes such as free drinks, discount coupons and Yi Fang merchandise to leave a memorable brand experience for the customers. Through this initiative, we were able to increase the return customer rate by 10% with an average coupon redemption rate of 1%.   We created social media content, brought social influencers on board and landed publicity through a BlogTo. As a result, we were able to create a social media impression over 500K with a 30% increase in membership.     

Google Adwords and Landing Page.

General Motors, the 100+ years old automotive company that has pushed the limits of technology and transportation. GM has always pushed the limits of engineering and continues to transform the automotive landscape of the world.

For the Eastside GM retail store in Markham, our goal was to have a more focused reach on the Chinese demographic in Markham. Through our consulting, we recommended popular car models to help target the Chinese community. We built a Chinese landing page for a special monthly promotion. We also ran display ads, SEO ads and social media ad campaigns for Instagram and Facebook. This resulted in an increase 500% exposure in the Chinese community with over 2 million impressions in just 2 months. 

Menu, Website and Social Media Design.

Matsuda Restaurant Group has been around serving Japanese AYCE for 10+ years.  They offer not only sushi AYCE, Tepanyaki AYCE but also Japanese BBQ AYCE.
Their goal was to advertise the launch of their new restaurant and establish a stronger brand presence. We transformed their outdated website into a more modern day website along with their indoor prints and store window decals. We created and managed their social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business. From there, the Google business account tripled after the first month and the in person restaurant traffic dramatically increased. 

Social Event.

Hamona offers coconut water in an innovative way, not bottled but fresh from the fruit. They are offered online and popular in many Ontario and Quebec supermarkets with big chains such as Longos, T&T,Galleria and more.   
Their goal was to have more traffic driven to their e-commerce store. We strategized and filtered through specific influencers to ensure that their followers were the right target market. We collaborated with the chosen influencers to create high engagement content. We were able to host 30 collaborations and increase the impressions on social media for Harmona. 

RED & WeChat.

Xiang Zi offers AYCE hotpot like no other restaurant that you’ve experienced. They have an extensive menu with over 200 food items offered. You will experience an authentic dining experience as if you are in China with the breathtaking traditional Chinese architecture.
Their goal was to reach the young adults in the Chinese community. WeChat, one of the most influential social media platforms in the Chinese community was utilized to reach this goal. We created creative content and was able to capture followers onto Xiang Zi’s WeChat account. We also connected bloggers on RED to create engaging content, which introduced Xiang Zi’s menu and dining experience. This led to a  large increase in restaurant customers with revenue being boosted by 50%.